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Techniques of Kissing: How to Kiss Like a Pro

Do you want to improve your techniques of kissing? Do you feel like something’s missing from your kisses? Do you want to really enjoy kissing that special someone? Kissing can be a great way to strengthen your bonds, and really get the most from your relationship .You can express great feelings with kisses, and different techniques of kissing mean different things.

Remember to keep your mouth in good shape for kissing so your partner will enjoy it .Always brush a few times a day, remember to floss, and use lip balm regularly.

Romantic Techniques of Kissing – Kissing a Woman’s Hand

There are many romantic kissing techniques .One of the most time honored, romantic ways of kissing your partner is to kiss her on the hand .Kissing a woman’s hand can lead to bigger and better things if you do it right! Take her right hand in both of yours, and gently turn it palm down .Look deeply into her eyes and smile as you lift her hand to your lips .Close your eyes as you very gently brush her hand with your lips, then open them, look in her eyes again, and smile .Release her hand gently .This can lead you into more opportunities to practice even more!

Little Kisses

Little kisses can be very special, so long as you follow the proper techniques .You don’t want to kiss like a fish, or give the person you’re closest to small pecks on the cheek, unless you’re just kidding around .The following types of kisses are nice, especially if you’re in a public place and you don’t want to cause a scene by engaging in a deep kiss.


  • Kissing lightly – You can kiss very lightly, and still 918kiss convey plenty of special emotion .Be sure to maintain eye contact as you begin to come in for your kiss, and don’t pucker your lips too much.
  • Kissing slowly – kissing slowly but keeping the kiss itself quick is a good way to work into a more intense kissing session .This is one of the best techniques of kissing – Start with an intense, quick look deep in your kissing partner’s eyes, and touch him or her on the arm, neck, or face .Maintain eye contact .As you come together to kiss, part your lips very slightly, and slowly kiss either the upper or lower lip of your special someone.


Let go of the kiss a little slowly, bring the eye contact back, and give your lover a little smile.

Bigger Kisses

Longer, deeper, more intense kissing sessions are best for times when you have some privacy .You can enjoy kissing for hours, if you like!

Begin by looking deeply into your lover’s eyes .Touch him or her on the hand, arm, neck or face, and come closer .If there’s a great height difference between you, find a way to get comfortable – sitting down sometimes works well.

Next, start with a soft, slow kiss with closed lips .You can part your lips more and even touch tongues as you go .Remember, you never want to smash or smother your partner, and be careful with moisture .The more you practice, the better techniques of kissing you’ll learn, and soon, you’ll be kissing like a movie star.

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