School Safety On The Playground And School Bus

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Children need to be able to focus on learning in school, rather than worrying about their personal safety. School safety involves making a school a safe environment that is conducive to learning. It removes dangers, both physical and emotional, so that children are able to learn to their full potential.

School safety involves three main strategies. It begins with prevention. Most problems relating to school safety can be solved before they start. For instance, limiting the strangers that are allowed on campus will eliminate the risk of abductions or other violence.

The second strategy is intervention. Teachers, staff, and students all need to 안전놀이터   be taught what to do when they see a dangerous situation happening. If a fight breaks out, teachers need to know what to do to stop it. Students need to know how to contact the authorities if they spot a stranger on the campus.

Sometimes in spite of the best prevention and intervention, school safety issues may still happen. In these cases, the third strategy, crisis response, must be implemented. Teachers, staff, and students all need to be taught exactly what to do when a crisis is underway.

While most parents think of school safety as an issue only in a traditional setting, Sunday school safety is also an area of concern. When children are sent to Sunday school, safety protocols need to be in place to ensure that the children are safely returned to their parents at the end of the lesson time. For instance, a good Sunday school safety strategy would be to never allow the children to leave the classroom without an adult. When it is time to go, they should be picked up by a parent or guardian, not allowed to run freely through the church.


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