Samsung 15 LCD TV

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Samsung has produced a new television product that is 15 inches in length but has all the features that a 40 inch television would have. The Samsung 15 inch LCD TV provides the viewer with high quality picture and audio. This product also has many other features that enhance the viewing experience in any room of the house.

The Samsung 15 inch LCD TV consistently displays a vivid and colorful picture that seems almost real. The resolution of this television is extremely advanced including a contrast ratio of 400:1 and a sleek display that provides the viewer with a clear and crisp picture. There are various brightness levels that provide the viewer with blacker blacks and whiter whites. The range of colors appear incredibly vivid on the screen and changing the features of the picture is as easy as using the drop down menus that can be displayed on the screen. The Samsung 15 inch LCD TV further enhances the viewing experience with a 25 millisecond response time which reduces blurring and makes the motion of the screen appear smooth and perfect. This product allows you to have a great viewing experience without losing a lot of space in your home.55au7700

This product also includes features dealing with audio quality. The speakers are 2.5 watt that allow you to easily hear the television and provide you with crisp audio levels that can be easily adjusted to the viewers preference. These speakers are built in the Samsung 15 inch LCD TV and are of such high quality that it is unnecessary to go out and buy speakers for surround sound. These speakers are perfect for playing your favorite music and watching your favorite movies and sports games.

The Samsung 15 inch LCD TV has a 150 degree viewing angle which makes it easy for anyone in the room to view the product in a comfortable position. The television can also be mounted on the wall which allows you to be able to view it from anywhere in the room. The Samsung 15 inch LCD TV can be connected to a computer which provides you with infinite possibilities. You can play music and view pictures that are stored on the hard drive of your computer. You can also play video games on the Samsung 15 inch LCD TV that you would normally have to play on your computer monitor. This greatly enhances the gaming experience because you can play your game on an hdtv with great picture and sound quality.

Clearly the Samsung 15 inch LCD TV is a great product for anybody who wants to have a good viewing experience. This product features great picture and sound quality and is compatible with a computer.


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