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Homemade Beauty Treatments – They Save You Money & Give You Beautiful Skin

Homemade beauty treatments can be just as effective as their commercial counterparts, but much, much easier on your wallet. The mark up on most skin and hair care items is simply ridiculous: they can cost as much as 600% over what their actual ingredient costs are. By making your own treatments, you can save hundreds every year from what you would pay for these items in stores. The most expensive things in many commercial skin products is the packaging and advertising budget; not the quality of ingredients.

Homemade beauty treatments allow you to make customized skin care products like anti aging masks, bath and body products such as bath salts, lotion bars and body butters right at home. As well as saving you a lot of money, you have the reassurance that your products are made from all natural ingredients, not a bunch of cheap chemical fillers like most commercial beauty items are. As well, you know that your ingredients are fresh and natural and haven’t been sitting on the shelves of some warehouse for months at a time, unlike what is sold in the stores.

Homemade beauty treatments allow you to customize your skin and hair care regimens. If there is a particular scent that you would like in a scrub or lotion, but simply cannot find it anywhere, consider making your own. Blends of essential oils can give you one-of-a-kind fragrances that cannot be found anywhere in the stores, as well as provide the 無針埋線 therapeutic properties associated with the different oils. If you would like a thicker consistency in your lotions or creams, that is easily achievable as well, just by adjusting the ratio of water to oil in your lotion/cream recipe.

A simple homemade beauty treatment that you can try right now for mere pennies is a body scrub made out of brown sugar and olive oil. Simply mix them together and apply to your dry winter skin while in the bath or shower. If you don’t care for the scent of olive oil, you can easily substitute another oil like sunflower or grapeseed oil. For an additional moisturizing effect, use jojoba oil in place of the olive oil. If you like, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil like grapefruit or lavender for an extra special scrub. It’s just that simple to make many of your favorite beauty products right in your own home!


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