Alcoholic Wedding Favors for Your Wedding

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526,220 Liquor Bottles Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStockFor some brides, they prefer to have their wedding with a touch of fancy; some with total femininity or an air of softness. For these weddings, everything non alcoholic drinks hong kong from the wedding invitation to the favors, should match that theme as well. For some, where the wedding calls for total elegance from start to finish, you may want to consider alcoholic wedding favors.

While there a lot of choices when it comes to wedding favors, alcoholic wedding favors always come off as the more elegant and pricey choice. While liquors or spirits will always be indeed elegant, there are less pricey options especially if you will be buying them in bulk.

Half bottles of wine – If your budget would allow for it, there are available half-filled bottles of wine. These are the especially left half-filled for this specific purpose- to be given away. As the full bottles are really expensive and it may be ‘too much’ already to give as wedding favors (full bottles are more for gifts), these half bottles should be ordered in advance.

Liquor chocolate such as champagne truffle also makes for good favors. Far different from candy sweets, liquor chocolates convey a far more elegant and ‘mature’ image than its full sweet counterpart.Miniature bottles – Also especially made to be given away, miniature bottles of wine are to be ordered in advance. Almost all wine varieties are available in miniature bottles for single serve.

Home brew of wine or cider – If you know how to brew wine or cider, and have enough time to brew and stock them for them to be available in time for the wedding, you can make them instead and buy empty bottles (which are also readily available)Own flavored vodka – If you are into mixing liquors, make your specially-made flavored vodka with the flavor of your choice (in sync with the theme).

-Sachets of wine spices are available to and they would make for a simple yet ‘tasteful’ wedding favor. Put a small ribbon lace and a tag and your favor is good to go.
-Cork screw, shot glass, coasters are some alcohol related favors that you might also want to consider.

Wine does make any occasion livelier and more fun. And what better way to remind your guests of your great wedding than by giving them a little dose of liquor to bring home. Just ensure you have a budget allotted for the favors as this type of favor is applicable to both men and women.

Remember that packaging alcoholic wedding favors also calls for elegance. Use gold ribbon or a shade that will complement your color motif. Enjoy your big day as you give away ‘bubblies’ to your special guests.Criss White is a professional article writer for party, wedding, and other related subjects

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