3 Reasons You Should Share Information With Your Contacts

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Out of all world history, information has never been more of a currency than it is now. This is not to say that information was not always a valuable commodity but in today’s day and age, it is highly in demand. The hunger for information and ways to relay it gave birth to the information superhighway, otherwise known as the Internet. As chat rooms and online forums continue to thrive, it’s the information within that causes the stir.

In business networking, many things are shared as relationships are forged. Among the important aspects of networking is the sharing of referrals, resources, and of course, information. The following, are three reasons why you should proactively share information with your contact base.

1. You want to build your expert status. library resource sharing Sharing information is one thing but sharing information about your profession and field is quite another. People who are interested in knowing more about your services will be grateful that you’re providing them with valuable information. Not only that but with every ounce of information you provide, you are becoming a stronger, more qualified expert in their eyes.

2. You are wrong for concealing good information. If you really have other people’s interests in mind and you know that certain portions of information can absolutely help them, you should let the cat out of the bag. Many times people attend colleges and other specialized institutions for education but fail to let the world know what they know.

It’s almost like being a secret agent. Your contacts will appreciate the source of good information. That would be you!

3. As you give, so shall you receive. Reciprocity is among the many benefits of giving out information. Good business networking calls for the fair exchange of several different things.

It would be incorrect to say that each and every one of us does not require important info nearly every day. As you readily give out information, you will notice that you will also receive the same, in various forms; like upcoming event info, job openings, industry info, and yes, referrals are a form of information.

Finally, sharing information on different things is a great form of communication. This form of communication builds relationships and causes you to stay on the top of the mind of your contacts. When this is attained, referrals are a slam-dunk!

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